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Cape Ann Vernal Pond

Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team members have seen these plants & animals and more, in vernal ponds (whether ponds were wet or dry) on Cape Ann.

Crustaceans: Fairy Shrimp*
Microscopic: Daphnia – Water Flea, Copepod
Insects: Caddisfly larva, Dragonfly larva & adult, Damsel fly larva & adult, Predacious Diving Beetle larva & adult, Whirligig Bug, Water Scorpion, Caterpillar, Butterfly
Amphibians: Spotted Salamander* larva & adult, Wood Frog*, tadpole & adult, Green Frog, Bull Frog, Toad, Spring Peeper
Reptile: Garter Snake
Birds: Mallard, Wood Duck, Glossy Ibis
Mammals: Bat, Otter, Red Fox
Miscellaneous: Leech
Animal Tracks spotted in vernal ponds: Raccoon, Deep
Wetlands Plants: St. John’s-wart, Sweet Gale, Buttonbush, Smartweed, Winterberry, Sweet Pepperbush, Bedstraw, Blue Flag, Wool Grass
Frequent Visitors to Cape Ann vernal ponds: Gray Tree Frog, Spotted Turtle, Painted Turtle, Egret, Blue Heron

*Obligate Species – direct indicators of vernal ponds.