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Cape Ann Vernal Pond

The Cape Ann  Vernal Pond Team is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to vernal pond conservation and education since 1990.

Our focus is vernal ponds.  The issue is the preservation of wildlife habitat, which is ultimately about the health of the planet.

The temporary nature of vernal ponds often belies their importance. Countless plants and animals live in vernal ponds. Insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals visit to drink, feed, breed and nest. Some species such as spotted salamanders, wood frogs and fairy shrimp are totally dependent on this habitat.

Upcoming Events


Snakes @ Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

We'll be there with some of our cool snakes and the good people from Art Haven will lead the Kid's Activity- painting wooden snakes.

Snakes @ Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar

Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar, Main St., Gloucester, We will be near Banana's (50 Main Street) with our usual exhibit with the tents and everything.

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